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[Last day - but can be stretched...] Enfield: Ladderswood and the North Circular Road

The Grammatical Council

North Circular – Area Action Plan

"Towards Pre-Submisison Stage" [sic]

"In 2006 we began work on the North Circular Area Action Plan (NCAAP) to improve the living and working environment along the A406, and to identify new opportunities for housing, employment, and community facilities.

"NCAAP reached the Preferred Options stage back in 2008, but was paused in 2009 while the Council progressed to adopt the Core Strategy. 

"Now, with an adopted Core Strategy in place; a detailed New Southgate Masterplan; an adopted Planning Brief outlining future opportunities for Southgate Town Hall; the purchase of blighted land by Notting Hill Housing Trust, and estate renewal taking shape at Ladderswood. The Council is now turning attention back to the Area Action Plan to complete it and provide a robust local planning framework in which investment can come forward. [Correct the grammar yourself.]

"With so much activity now being seen in the area, The [sic] Council is revisiting earlier stages of the NCAAP process. 

"The Council has prepared a NCAAP Towards Pre-submission stage document November 2011. The intention of this document is to  provide an additional, informal stage of community engagement and stakeholder consultation to run for 12 weeks from Tuesday 22 November to Friday 10 February 2012.


"This informal stage of engagement is seeking your views on the local issues as you see them now, along with the new opportunities and options that will help inform the new planning framework for the North Circular area. 

"Clike here [CLIKE?] to download a Feedback Form. For further information please contact the LDF Team 0208 379 3866.

Comments can be or sent to: [Good grief] or Planning Policy Team, Enfield Council, Civic Centre, Silver Street, Enfield EN1 3XE."

11 January update:

Link to web site
"ENFIELD Council has promised to improve its consultation around plans for the North Circular, after accusations not many people know about it.

"The North Circular Area Action Plan will map out the future of area of Bounds Green, Palmers Green, Bowes, and New Southgate, for the next couple of decades. 

"Around 8,000 homes will be leafleted about the plans this month, and a public meeting and exhibition is planned for Saturday, February 4, to consult further."

[Our original post now follows.
"Read it first, on the 'Pinkham Way Incinerator' web site!"]

2 December:

 Ladderswood redevelopment...

(Click on leaflet to enlarge.)
Link to the new Ladderswood web site

... Designed in conformity with the wider 'New Southgate Masterplan'...

(Click on image above,
and also link to previous New Southgate Plan posting.)

... Which, in turn, will be part of the wider 'North Circular Area Action Plan'...

"Transport for London’s Safety and Environment Improvement Scheme for the road is well advanced. In 2006 we began work on the 'North Circular Area Action Plan', to improve the living and working environment along the A406, and to identify new opportunities for housing, employment, and community facilities.

Click to enlarge

"The plan was put on hold in 2009, while we prepared the borough's 'Core Strategy'.

"The Core Strategy has been approved, so we are now turning our attention back to the 'Area Action Plan' to complete it. We are consulting on this new document (below) from 22 November 2011 to 10 [now 24] February 2012."

"The regeneration and improvement of the area around the North Circular Road, including New Southgate, and covering the wards of Bowes, Palmers Green and Southgate Green is a priority for the Council. The area is identified as one of the Borough’s strategic growth areas, and is one of the Council’s 'place-shaping priority areas'”. While the area has been in need of regeneration and investment for many years, it is only very recently that significant progress has been made in clearing the path towards the delivery of major improvements. 

"The Council is preparing an 'Area Action Plan', which will provide a comprehensive planning policy framework for the North Circular area. The North Circular Area Action Plan (NCAAP) will establish a vision for the area, and outline a range of policies which, taken together, will help deliver the wider regeneration objectives for the local communities. The NCAAP will include policies and proposals which highlight the key investment and improvement opportunities across the area. 

"These policies will provide guidance against which new development proposals will be assessed, and will provide guidance on the relevant design, access and environmental management issues."

(That's enough Planning. Ed.)

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