Friday, 10 February 2012

[Updated from Oct 2011] 'Covanta Energy' bid for Pinkham Way's NLWA incinerator fuel jeopardised by Tate & Lyle closure threat

Evening Standard: "Tate & Lyle blames Europe, as Thames refinery jobs go" 

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"The American owner of the historic Tate & Lyle sugar refinery on the Thames at Silvertown is planning to shed staff because of new EU restrictions on the industry.

"Tate & Lyle's is the last working factory on the Thames, and there have been fears over an outright shutdown as a result of new European Commission rules placing extra tariffs on sugar cane."

October 2011:
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Evening Standard: 
"Tate & Lyle's plant on the Thames at risk in EU row over sugar rules"

"One of London's most historic factories could be closed in a row with Brussels over import tariffs.

"The American owner of the 133-year old Tate & Lyle refinery at Silvertown in East London is considering the future of the facility as it battles with the European Commission over new buying rules designed to tackle a worldwide sugar shortage."

7 October: 
"Solutions and sites proposed for use of north London’s residual waste"

"Covanta Energy is proposing a Combined Heat and Power plant at the Tate & Lyle sugar refinery site at Silvertown, East London. The power plant will meet the energy demands of sugar production undertaken on site in a sustainable and cost effective way, helping to ensure competitive operations at a site where 800 people are employed. The power plant will create up to 80 new permanent jobs and 350 jobs during construction.

"The Covanta proposal involves the transport by barge of SRF from Edmonton to Silvertown, and this will support the further development of London rivers for freight transport use. Covanta will shortly begin consultations with the local community and relevant authorities ahead of a planning application in mid 2012."
[It is not clear if Pinkham Way incinerator fuel would travel by lorry just to Edmonton, for transhipment, or all the way to Silvertown; the latter seems far more likely.]

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