Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Pinkham Way Alliance newsletter


"On Wed 22 Feb (and, possibly, Thurs 23 Feb), an independent planning inspector will assess our objections to last-minute changes made by Haringey to its Core Strategy in 2010. 

"This will without doubt be one of the key days for this whole campaign. We’ve worked together, to carve out a real chance to attack important groundwork, that supporters of this waste plant probably expected would make it under the radar unhindered.

"It's important that we fully reinforce how strongly we feel about this issue by filling the viewers’ gallery. It is rare that a community will get people in numbers to this sort of hearing, and it will not go unnoticed by the inspector. Many people have worked long and hard on the submissions that he'll hear on the day, and there’s no better way to show our appreciation for this than to be there.

"We do realise that it’s a big ask on a weekday. However, if you are free for any part of it, please do come along. Some of us will be taking a little time off work (even if just to duck out early and catch the last couple of hours); we completely understand that this may not be an option for you, but please give it some thought.

"As mentioned before, our role will simply be to sit quietly and listen. This is not a demonstration. Also, we shouldn't take children.

"The hearing will take place on Wed 22 Feb, at  Wood Green Civic Centre. It will start at 10am, with lunch at 1-2pm, and finish at 5.30pm. There will be breaks half-way through the am and pm sessions.

"It’s fine to attend only part of the day, but  we should really try and arrive/leave only when there is a break, unless absolutely necessary.

"For more details about what this hearing is for, visit the PWA website here. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch by email.

"If you are able to come to some of it (and bring a friend/relative/innocent bystander!), please let us know by email. We need to check numbers, to ensure that that there aren’t too many (or too few) of us. In the meantime, please try and persuade others to come along if you can.

"Please note that if one day turns out not to be long enough (which is quite likely), the hearing will continue on Thurs 23 Feb - if you're able to be on 'stand by' for this, please let us know."


"Tickets are now on sale for our next fundraising concert on Sunday 26 February at St Andrew's Church, Alexandra Park Road. It starts at 4pm and the award-winning Galitzin Quartet will be playing a fantastic programme of Hadyn, Mendelssohn and Beethoven string quartets.

"For full details, and to order tickets at £10 (or £5 for under 16s), please visit the concert website. All proceeds go to  the campaign, and it's a great price to see such accomplished musicians in an intimate venue. As ever, we'll provide refreshments during the interval. Please spread the word!"


"Lastly, a big thank you to all of you who volunteered to help delivering leaflets. We've had a good response, which will be very helpful. We'll be in touch soon with more information."

"Serious work on the North London Waste Plan is getting underway now - more on this soon. But for now, please try to come to the hearing on the Feb 22 if at all possible (and, if so, let us know by email beforehand).

"Don't forget you can also follow us on Twitter, join the Facebook Group and that you can donate here."

Bidesh Sarkar
Chair, Pinkham Way Alliance

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