Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Enfield Advertiser: David Burrowes MP: "Council cannot just wish away area’s objections to Pinkham Way waste plant"

Link to Enfield Advertiser
(David Burrowes in the one in the middle)

"THE current work on improvements to the A406 and New Southgate area will mean that some of the most neglected parts of my constituency can look forward to being the most regenerated. I am urging both Notting Hill Housing Trust and Transport For London to do all they can to make the most of the opportunity.

"However, Enfield Council’s North Circular Area Action Plan lets us all down. There is no mention of plans to build Britain’s biggest waste management site at Pinkham Way. The planning inspector has this week been considering Haringey’s designation of the site. I have objected to the plan to widen the range of uses on the site to include heavy industrial type uses, with all the potential noise, pollution and traffic congestion impacting upon the local environment."

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