Sunday, 1 July 2012

[Reposted] 'Planning': Will there be too many waste plants?

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"Britain could soon end up with more residual waste treatment capacity than it needs if all schemes with planning permission go ahead, according to a research consultancy.

"... If all currently consented facilities, which have a total capacity of 18.2 million tonnes, go ahead, the current shortfall would turn into an oversupply of 4.7 million tonnes’ capacity by 2015/16, according to Eunomia."

"Eunomia has modelled the quantity of residual waste generated against existing and forthcoming treatment infrastructure, to determine where capacity gaps exist across Great Britain.

"The research shows that, in most regions, there may be an over-supply of treatment infrastructure by 2015/16."

A free 'High-Level Residual Waste Infrastructure Review' can be downloaded from the company's web site. An earlier, November 2011 version is available here.

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