Saturday, 21 July 2012

New York Times: "The Olympic Spirit, British Style: When Will This Nightmare End?"

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"LONDON — While the world’s athletes limber up at the Olympic Park, Londoners are practicing some of their own favorite sports: complaining, expecting the worst, and cursing the authorities. 

"Asked 'What do you feel about the Olympics?' the other day, a random sampling of people here gave answers that included bitter laughter; the words 'fiasco,' 'disaster' and 'police state'; and detailed explanations of how they usually get to work, how that is no longer possible, and how very unhappy that makes them.

"... Meanwhile, The Daily Mail, whose unofficial motto appears to be 'What Fresh Hell Is This?' has published articles noting that hundreds of thousands of tickets are still unsold, that no one wants to watch women play soccer, and that some of the paths for the mountain bike competition will not be finished in time."

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