Monday, 23 July 2012

Barnet RubbishGate Scandal (via Mrs Angry)

Barnet dustcart on holiday in the Channel Islands
Click above for 'Broken Barnet' 

"... The reader who sent this photo thought we would enjoy this view of a refuse collection lorry, spotted on her trip to Guernsey. Why? Because, as you will notice, this vehicle quite clearly is exhibiting a Barnet logo on the side.

"How very peculiar, thought Mrs Angry. No wonder the wheelie bins sometimes take so long to get emptied. Do our dustmen have to travel all the way to Guernsey to dump their loads?

"... She got to thinking: well, who does have the contract for supplying our refuse collection lorries - ha ha , if there is one? Whose lorries do we use? Oh, well: look here. It seems that we pay a company called 'Go Plant Ltd' for such services, and this company is based at the council's Mill Hill Depot. Ah. Mmm. Go Plant ..."

"... significant accounting irregularities ..."

"... financial director dismissed ..."

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