Tuesday, 17 July 2012

"Mrs Angry Goes Up To Town, and Meets the District Auditor; Mrs Angry Goes Up To Town, and Says What She Ain't Oughta"

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"Mrs Angry stumbled as she entered the room.

"Looking up from behind her eyelashes, she could not help but notice the cool-eyed Barnet auditor Mr Paul Hughes smirking, and regarding her with cool amusement, as he sat at his desk, files wide open, frantically playing with his pens.

"Mrs Angry hardly knew where to look.

"He smirked again.

"Mrs Angry gasped: Yes - look: Was that ... in his lap, a 'One Barnet' invoice ... and the tell-tale signs of an enormous redaction.

" 'Oh, Mr Hughes. And we haven't even started!'

" 'I have some questions for you,' she whispered, shyly. Beside the desk, she noted, was a carrier bag containing a length of rope, some masking tape, a big bottle of Tippex, and a bonus multi-pack of black-marker felt tips. Aha ..."

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