Sunday, 29 July 2012

Barnet Labour: "Discussion and vote at Barnet’s council meeting on 12th April 2011 on North London Waste Authority plans for a waste treatment plant at Pinkham Way"

(Added to Barnet Labour's web site on 24 July 2012)

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Earlier information on Facebook from Barnet Labour:
FYI - from our Council Meeting on the 10th - this answer to my question has just been published.

Question 41 Councillor Barry Rawlings
Has Barnet formally objected to the application for village green status to the site on Pinkham Way?
Answer by Councillor Joanna Tambourides
London Borough of Barnet and the North London Waste Authority has jointly instructed leading Counsel to robustly defend and object to the village green application and to defend this at a Public Inquiry when this is convened. The formal objections has not been submitted given that deadline for sending the Landowner’s (LBB/NLWA) objections to Haringey, as Registration Authority, is 20 July.
· · · 6 July at 21:24

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