Saturday, 2 June 2012

London Cycling Campaign: New Cycling Provision "Dangerous and Unfit for Purpose"

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"New off-carriageway cycling facilities on the A406 North Circular in Bounds Green have been strongly criticised by local cyclists, who warn of increased danger to cyclists from the 'inadequate and poorly designed facilities'.

"Coordinator of Haringey Cycling Campaign Michael Poteliakhoff said,
"The cycling provision appears to have been factored in to the design at a late stage, and with a very low priority and without a proper safety audit."
"LCC's Mike Cavenett said,
"These cycle tracks conform to every dreadful stereotype of British bike lanes. The engineers should be ashamed to have designed and installed solutions that are unfit for purpose. In many instances they endanger people on bikes and on foot, and certainly discourage cycle journeys."

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