Thursday, 14 June 2012

Pinkham Way Alliance: "Sorted. (For now, anyway.)"

Link above to full PWA statement

Report from North London Waste Plan Examination in Public

by Pinkham Way Alliance’s planning team

"... The Planning Inspector was left in such serious doubt whether the NLWP was legal, that he decided to adjourn the EiP, to give himself two weeks to consider the matter in depth, and give his detailed written opinion one way or the other. Thereafter, the NLWP and any other interested party will have a further week in which to respond, before the Inspector finalises his decision on this point.

"If he rules that cooperation has taken place, the hearing will resume, but not before September 2012. If he rules that there has not been cooperation, that is what he called a “showstopper”, and the NLWP will have failed its EiP for being unlawful. A new Plan will then have to be produced, consulted on and Examined, before North London has a valid Waste Plan.

"... The PWA team were content with this outcome, because it is consistent with our considered view that the NLWP is deficient in multiple respects, and not only in its selection of the Pinkham Way site. But those of us who have worked as local government professionals were saddened by the state of affairs revealed at the hearing."

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