Tuesday, 12 June 2012

North London Waste Plan Inquiry: Can anything be salvaged? (Probably not)

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"NLWA’s Confusion Regarding the [Brent Cross Domestic Waste] Site
"4.17 The NLWA’s position with the Geron Way [Brent Cross] site has frequently changed. For example, its consideration of the 'Brent Cross Cricklewood Development Partners' [effectively the arrogant shopping centre outfit Hammerson, with some tax-haven associates] application (see APP1.9 and APP1.10) it made a complete u-turn.

"Furthermore, in a letter to a local resident dated 6th September 2010 (APP2) NLWA indicated that:
"...it was decided that our outline business case (OBC) should provide for the waste treatment facility that might have been built at Geron Way to be built at Pinkham Way instead".
"The only reading of this Statement can be that the Pinkham Way site was replacing the Geron way site. However, within a few days of LBB being alerted to this extraordinary admission, the NLWA issued a revised letter (APP3) (stating the first letter was ‘misleading’) reconfirming its commitment to Geron Way."

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