Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Mrs Angry's Broken Barnet: "Don't do that, Councillor Harper"

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"It's Monday morning in Broken Barnet's newest school - the BT Capita Academy.

Mrs Angry is standing underneath the statue of Michael Gove and looking disheartened. Michael Gove is looking disheartened too. Yes: it is difficult to tell, in his case.

Mrs Angry is taking the lowest set class in economics today, and she knows it is going to be awfully hard work:
"Pay attention, class!

"Councillor Andrew Harper: stop that AT ONCE. Both hands on the desk, please, Andrew, where Mrs Angry can see them.

"Someone give Robert Rams a couple of cushions so he can see the black board, will you?

"Councillor Longstaff, no one wants to see that, thank you. Yes, it is, dear. Really, really golden.

"And Brian Coleman: do stop giving Councillor Shooter a Chinese burn, and go back to stand in the corridor, as you were clearly told. Yes: until the end of time, if you please."

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  1. damn you: I should have known you would suss out my secret Joyce Grenfell fixation ... grrrr