Friday, 22 June 2012


"We don’t yet know whether last week’s suspension of the North London Waste Plan (NLWP) hearing will just delay it until autumn, or lead to the plan being thrown out.

However, either of these outcomes signal what is now a very dangerous period for our campaign. We absolutely must continue to be vigilant and work hard.

There’s now a real risk that the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) will try to push forward the planning application for a massive facility at Pinkham Way regardless of the waste plan. If this happens, it is likely to be soon.

The NLWA owns the Pinkham Way site, and has been forging ahead with a multi-billion pound procurement process for dealing with waste in north London, now at an advanced stage.

We must assume that it will use this momentum to steamroll towards completing its current plans. If the procurement is stopped, it’ll be hugely problematic for the authority.

There are also signs that Haringey Council may be trying to wriggle away from its public claim that this planning application is ‘on hold’ until after the inspector's final hearing for the NLWP. If so, it's not hard to imagine why.

We are taking immediate legal advice about how to approach this perilous situation. As ever, this is costing money. I’m sure you can appreciate that we must all remain totally engaged with the campaign, and, crucially, continue raising money as best we can.

On that note, we are very pleased to offer another fantastic fundraising concert.


Our next fundraising concert is on Sunday 8 July, at St Andrew's Church on Alexandra Park Road at 4pm.

The Galitzin Chamber Ensemble, which includes members of the quartet who gave such an exciting recital in February, will perform famous works by Strauss and Kodaly, and Schubert's magnificent Trout Quintet.

We are very excited to welcome pianist Sam Haywood, who made such an impression aged 13 as a finalist on BBC Young Musician of the Year. He's since gone on to an international career, and collaborates regularly with stars such as Joshua Bell and Stephen Isserlis.

This group has very strong links to the Muswell Hill area, and the Ichinose brothers, who grew up here, are joined by their sister, and by young British-American talent, violinist Shana Douglas.

For full details and to buy tickets (at £10 for adults) please visit our events website.

Please do come along; we must continue to raise money as fast as we possibly can. You can also donate here.

You can read our report on the suspension of the NLWP, Remember, this suspension could lead to the planning application being brought forward rather than being delayed further - don't hesitate to inform your friends and neighbours about this.

You can follow us on Twitter, and join the Facebook Group.

Kind regards, Bidesh Sarkar
Chair, Pinkham Way Alliance

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  1. Pollution of Mass Destruction!!!!!
    Thank you Councils and Mayor for killing us slowly with your plans!!!!!!