Wednesday, 13 June 2012

MHSG launches Packaging Campaign

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"Irritated by triple-wrapped foods and toys?
Multi-compartmented plastic trays that weigh more than the food in them, masquerading under descriptions such as ‘lunchbox’ or ‘snack pack’?
Huge cardboard boxes for small items from Amazon? 

"The carbon footprint of unnecessary packaging is still a huge issue, and although recycling rates are better than they were, recycling itself poses huge problems. 

"Over the next 6 months, MHSG will be running a campaign against excess packaging, highlighting why prevention of waste in the first place is always the best answer. We’ll be collecting your feedback on packaging ‘crimes’, lobbying retailers and politicians and raising awareness through three weekends of stalls on the Broadway in July (7-8, 14-15, and 21-22). 

"We will be taking tours to the Edmonton Waste plant, which is much more interesting than you might imagine! And we hope to culminate at Chrismas time with some inventive fun and would love your input. Should it be a carol service with new words to old tunes, or a massive Christmas tree made from dicarded packaging? What do you think?

"In the meantime, we need a couple of people to help us organise this (2-3 hours per month). If you can give up a couple of hours on a Saturday or Sunday morning to help us on the stall, we’d love to hear from you. Please ring Nancy Hocking on 07780 558 492 or drop us an email at
You can report a packaging crime here."

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