Friday, 7 October 2011

[Updated] Haringey Journal: "Consultation blunder in Muswell Hill waste plant saga"

7 Oct: Statement from the Pinkham Way Alliance:

"The consultation by Haringey Council is running until 3rd November. We are working on a response to the consultation, and aiming to publish this by 24 October if possible, and by the end of that week at the latest."

Link to Haringey Journal, 19 September

"Legal concerns have forced Haringey Council to repeat a consultation relating to the proposed waste plant in Muswell Hill.

"Lynne Featherstone, MP for Hornsey and Wood Green, said: 
"It’s clear that at every turn local residents have been shut out of a decision on a massive development on their doorstep. Haringey Council has now been told that it cannot continue with its behind-closed-doors approach, and needs to let local people have their say.”

Link to Pinkham Way Alliance web site
The 'Pinkham Way Alliance' issued a statement: 

"In June, the government inspector looking at Haringey’s new Core Strategy agreed with the Pinkham Way Alliance and our lawyers – that it may not be sound.

"In the inspector’s view, Haringey’s consultation on certain ‘fundamental changes’ - including a change in designation for the Pinkham Wood site from ‘employment’ to ‘industrial’ usage - was not fit for purpose.

"Haringey has been forced to hold this consultation again, which it is planning to do from Thursday 22 September, for six weeks.

"However - and this is where we need to act immediately - the council is not planning to advertise this consultation widely; instead it says it will only notify people who are already on its records as ‘consultees’ (people it has consulted in the past).

"The change of designation from 'employment' to ‘industrial’ on this site paves the way for the massive industrial waste plant proposed by the North London Waste Authority to be granted planning permission.

"This is clearly an issue that affects the lives of many residents living in proximity to the site – not just in Haringey, but also in Barnet and Enfield.

"Unless you are already on Haringey’s limited ‘consultees database’, or are an avid reader of the Haringey Journal, the council will not be telling you about this re-consultation.

"Please join us right away in contacting Haringey Council to let them know that we are not happy about this. Demand that they invite you - and others whose voices are clearly relevant - to take part in this re-consultation.

"For deeper context and explanation on the changes Haringey are trying to make, read more about the PWA and the Haringey Core Strategy.

"Once the consultation is underway, we'll be in touch with our thoughts on how to respond. Please consider that, as ever, to reply to best effect will require us all to pay for professional expertise - if you're able to donate to help with this, please do.

"Don't forget you can also follow us on Twitter, join the Facebook Group and access information from our partner website the Pinkham Panthers.

"Please encourage your friends and neighbours to contact Haringey about this re-consultation. People are much more likely to act when asked by someone they know personally."

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