Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Mrs Angry: "An Alternative Residents Forum in Broken Barnet"

Link to Mrs Angry's 'Broken Barnet' web site

"Last night, Mrs Angry went to a Residents Forum. A real one. ... This was a meeting arranged by residents, for residents, with no rules and no restrictions. Sounds like dangerous anarchy, doesn't it? How on earth could that work? Well, in a very British way, it did: we don't actually need an imposition of dogmatic regulation in a meeting of this sort, do we?

"A resident ... welcomed the idea of the Alternative Forum, and asked how the debate could be extended to those who have been excluded from the process of consultation - people living with disabilities, special needs and impairments, and also elderly residents, a group which is so dominant and yet, in this borough, is increasingly marginalised and without a voice."

[On a lighter note:] "... Look what another spy at the [Manchester] Conference tweeted on Monday:
"Just walked up to @EricPickles and passed on @BrokenBarnet best wishes. He was very chuffed. Clearly likes Mrs Angry."
"Ahem. What have I told you? Don't mess with Mrs Angry: Eric will be very cross with you."

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