Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sunday Telegraph: "Why are we so rubbish at throwing things away?"

The ParkGate crisis:
Link to Sunday Telegraph

"It took the human race a long time to invent the rubbish bin, and although the idea seems simple, many of us have yet to master the details. Some leave their rubbish anywhere except in the bins, others appear to confuse the bins with bicycle stands and public urinals, while a few fail to grasp the core notion that the things are meant to hold rubbish

"Into this awkward latter category now arrives Oliver Letwin, the 55-year-old Cabinet Office Minister, who last week had to apologise for dumping government papers in park bins near his Whitehall office. They allegedly included sensitive briefing notes and print-outs of emails about al-Qaeda, former prime minister Tony Blair, and retail tycoon Sir Philip Green."

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