Friday, 21 October 2011

[Updated] Barnet's Theresa Villers MP and Cllr Robert Rams have planning concerns (!)


"Theresa Villiers, Member of Parliament for Chipping Barnet and East Barnet Ward Councillors, Cllr Robert Rams, Cllr Joanna Tambourides and Cllr Barry Evangeli, have today written to Enfield Councillor, Cllr Martin Prescott, Chairman of the Cat Hill Development Planning Panel, to ask him to reconsider the current location for the upcoming residents meeting on 1st November.

"Their letter follows the cancellation of the last meeting on 11th October, when over a hundred and fifty people were unable to access the packed venue, and the meeting had to be called off at the last minute. The meeting has been rearranged for the 1st November at the Gladys Child Theatre at Southgate College, but a large number of residents have contacted to Theresa and their local Councillors, to express concern that again the venue will not be big enough.

"Theresa said:
“A number of residents have contacted me about their concerns over the new venue for the Cat Hill Development meeting. It is vitally important that all my residents are able to get into this meeting. There could be up to 500 people turning up and it will be a tragedy if people are turned away.

I have today written to Enfield Councillor, Cllr Martin Prescott asking him to urgently look for a new venue so that everyone who wants to attend can.”
"East Barnet Ward Councillor, Robert Rams, also commented:
"This development will have a huge impact on our residents in East Barnet. These proposed tower blocks are not in keeping with our community, and will put a huge strain on our services and roads.”

The Campaign for Cat Hill Committee has done excellent work in opposing this development. Because of them, there will be a large number of people turning up on the 1st November. Enfield Council must ensure that all our residents are able to get in and have their concerns heard."

Update from 'Enfield Independent':
"Plea for bigger Cat Hill venue rejected".

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