Friday, 14 October 2011

Evening Standard: "Resident's 'BinCam' catches flytippers"

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"A city worker frustrated with his local council for failing to clean up rubbish outside his house has set up a 'BinCam web site' to shame flytippers.

"The action centres on a green council bin in West Hampstead, alongside which the flytippers dump rubbish. The bin is seen overflowing because the rubbish is only collected once a week. A still image is taken every minute and uploaded to the website. Mr Robertson, 33, said:
"There were two weeks just over a month ago where there was rubbish everywhere. People were dumping it all the time and that was really the crunch point. I didn't want to hang around all day taking pictures of rubbish so BinCam was born to do the work for me."

Amongst highlights:
"Return of the Night Plonker"

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