Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sunday Telegraph: "Green Philosophy by Roger Scruton: review"

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"Eco-warriors are afraid of many things: global warming, GM food, nuclear power. But now there is an even more terrifying force trying to take over the planet: the Tories want the environmental agenda back and they have one of the best philosophers of our time leading the charge. Roger Scruton, an Oxford don better known for his books on beauty, music and sex, wants to reclaim conservation for the Conservatives with Green Philosophy.

"... Unlike many on the Right, Scruton not only believes that climate change is happening but that it could make many parts of the planet uninhabitable. Climate change is a great enough threat to 'try anything', he suggests, but the Tory thinker is cynical of any attempt by the United Nations to make 192 countries agree a global treaty.

"Instead, he argues, the world should be investing in research into clean energy, such as solar, and making these discoveries available around the world."

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