Friday, 18 January 2013

Evening Standard: "Litter louts? Follow my tried-and-tested deterrent"

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"Even in my suburban bit of London, so far north it takes a good while to get to the underground bit of the Underground, frosty London did look pretty. 

"Not just because, as every bride knows, white is a flattering colour. But because the trappings of rubbish — the crisp packets that, noisily blown along the street, always make me turn around to see who is there, and all those Subway wrappers and the dark pavement spots where a piece of chewing gum went to die — were covered up.

"London has a litter problem. It’s not as bad as some of its other concerns — semi-bankrupt councils, empty holes where shops used to be, queues of people who used to work at those shops outside the Jobcentre. And it’s perhaps not as bad as in some other countries: in Bali last summer it seemed to me as though some roadside verges had actually been planted with rubbish.

"But it’s ugly. And it’s something we can easily and cheaply fix."

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