Friday, 25 January 2013

Bounds Green & District RA: "The fight to save Pinkham Way is far from over!"

"Those of you who thought that Pinkham Way had been saved, need to read the documents being circulated by Haringey Council for the Wood Green Forum & Committee Meeting on Tuesday 29 January 2013.

"To save you the trouble, we've extracted the incriminating wording below, which was tucked away towards the back of the agenda:
"An application to register the Pinkham Way site as a Village Green will have an informal public enquiry in Jan 2013, the final decision being made by Haringey Feb-March 2013 (Licensing Committee).

A successful TVG application will lead to alternative waste site locations being required in the North London Area, failure of the application retains the site for consideration for waste management use.

The Council expects a further planning application from the NLWA and Barnet Council after the TVG application decision (presuming failure of the TVG application."
"The suggestion that a successful TVG (Village Green) application will lead to alternative waste sites being required in the North London area is entirely speculative, and not really supported by the facts. However it is true that a successful TVG application will mean that the Pinkham Way site is probably not available for waste management purposes, or the relocation of Barnet’s Waste Truck Depot from Mill Hill.

"It is interesting how our elected representatives view these things – there does not appear to be much support at Riverside House for ecology, the environment and the retention of nature conservation areas. These words also seem to 'presume' failure which doesn’t sound particularly fair.

"Please come and join us to have your say about this and other things at the Wood Green Forum next week."
Tuesday 29 January
Cypriot Centre, Earlham Grove, N22 5HJ
Meeting starts at 18:30.

bgdra committee

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