Sunday, 13 January 2013

"Now no one can deny that the world is getting warmer"

'The Observer' Comment:

"Last week's report by America's National Climate Assessment reveals the full horror of what's happening to our planet.

"The draft version of the US National Climate Assessment [click on the image below] which was released on Friday, makes remarkable reading – not just for Americans but for all humanity. Put together by a special panel of more than 240 scientists, the federally commissioned report reveals that the US is already reeling under the impact of global warming. 

"Heatwaves, droughts, floods, intense downpours, rising sea levels and melting glaciers are now causing widespread havoc, and are having an impact on a wide range of fronts, including health services, infrastructure, water supply, agriculture, transport and flood defences.

Nor is there any doubt about the cause of these rising temperatures. 'It is due primarily to human activities, predominantly the burning of fossil fuel,' the report states."

"Future generations of Americans can expect to spend 25 days a year sweltering in temperatures above 100F (38C), with climate change on course to turn the country into a hotter, drier, and more disaster-prone place.

"The National Climate Assessment, released in draft form on Friday , provided the fullest picture to date of the real-time effects of climate change on US life, and the most likely consequences for the future.

"The 1,000-page report, the work of the more than 300 government scientists and outside experts, was unequivocal on the human causes of climate change, and on the links between climate change and extreme weather.

"... The White House was exceedingly cautious on the draft release, noting in a blogpost:
"The draft NCA is a scientific document—not a policy document—and does not make recommendations regarding actions that might be taken in response to climate change."

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