Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Boris Johnson says snow casts doubt on climate change science

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"Boris Johnson, the eye-wateringly well-paid Telegraph columnist who also does a nice turn as the mayor of London, needs to be viewed in an altogether different context. He is, after all, widely touted as the next prime minister of this country.

"Unfortunately, this means we must take his latest Daily Telegraph column seriously. Calculated buffoonery and Bullingdon japes aside, this man might actually one day hold the key to 10 Downing Street. His views are, therefore, important and deserve interrogation.

"...  Through columns such as this, he is signalling - with his trademark playful nudge and a wink - to the deep blue, right-wingers in the Tory party, who lap up climate scepticism, that he is 'one of them'. But in doing so he is also signalling to the wider electorate that he treats science as a political plaything that can be tossed about, or ignored, at his convenience."

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