Monday, 28 January 2013

The Guardian/Observer: "A Green Deal but not a great deal"

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"The Green Deal, the government's flagship programme to make millions of homes more energy efficient, goes fully live on Monday. But will it be a case of "Deal or No Deal" once homeowners have looked at what's on offer and done the maths?

"This major scheme is a new way for people to improve their homes without having to shell out large sums upfront. It's basically a type of personal loan where you pay for the work over time through your electricity bill. The aim is that your monthly repayments will be covered by the savings you'll make as a result of having the measures installed.

"... But there are growing doubts about whether the maths is going to add up."

"Why the Green Deal could
make your home a hard sell"

"Homeowners who sign up to the government's new energy efficiency 
savings scheme, Green Deal, could find that they are hit with a big bill
when they come to sell their property, according to some sources.

Starting tomorrow, the government wants householders to sign up
to the deal, which will allow them to pay for energy efficiency
improvements in their home with no, or little, upfront cost;
instead, they will be funded by a loan repaid through
their electricity bill.

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