Sunday, 13 January 2013

Tues 5 Feb: Transition Highgate: "Controversy and Catastrophe: Climate Change and the Media"

8pm, Tuesday 5th February,
10a South Grove, N6 6BS

"Transition Highgate are holding a very topical public meeting about how the media reports climate change with guest speakers Vicky Pope from the Met Office and Ben Webster from The Times. This would be a good chance to ask Vicky about coverage of the recent Met Office report, which was widely misinterpreted in the media as a slowdown in global warming.

"The BBC Today Programme were particularly poor at reporting this minor revision of a short term climate forecast which in no way changes the long-term picture of climate chaos. See here, here and here for more on the climate change slowdown controversy. If you want to complain to the BBC about their coverage of climate change, please email

"Ironically, as this story broke the Australian Meterological Bureau were having to add a new colour - a psychedelic purple - to their temperature charts to deal with a catastrophic heatwave of 50°C+."

Source:  CamdenCAN

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