Sunday, 27 January 2013

Don't Panic! Alexandra Palace 1938 Colour Film and Commentary

"[Film of an Alexandra Palace] television outside broadcast, showing the workings of an anti-aircraft battery and the defence of London in the advent of war.

"The original film footage was silent, but a sound recording of the actual television programme has been included in certain sections.

"The presenter of the programme was Leslie Mitchell (the senior male announcer)."

Transmission: 18th Apr 1938, 3.30 -- 4 pm & 9.30 -- 10 pm

This film footage is from the Desmond Campbell Archive Collection, held and administered by the Alexandra Palace Television Society.

A separate description on the archive video web site 'Jewels from the Palace' says:
"This truly beautiful and evocative colour footage by Donald Campbell is enhanced by Simon Vaughan having synchronised sound recordings of the television broadcast. These were taken from 78 rpm discs, made by the BBC programme organiser and producer D. H. Munro."

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