Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Message from Local Government Minister Grant Shapps (opposing plant which may be similar to Pinkham Way)

"First of all, Happy New Year."

"I wanted to provide you with this quick update on the campaign against the threatened incinerator at New Barnfield [in his Welwyn Hatfield constituency. This seems to be an incinerator fuel plant, like Pinkham Way. The output from both plants might go to another site at Hoddesdon.]

"As you may know, I’ve worked with locals to fight this proposal for several years. We're at a critical point in the process, and I need your help. So far we have:
  1. Set up the New Barnfield (Action Fund) Trust to gather funds
  2. Raised £50,000 to pay for legal advice and representation to fight the proposals
  3. Written to the Secretary of State calling for the Planning Application to be examined at the highest level possible.
"Three things you can do to help:
  1. Go to www.SaveNewBarnfield.com and sign the petition - even if you’ve signed it previously because we’re collecting further signatories.  Click here to go straight to the website. Whilst you’re there you can watch the fly-thru’ video [below] showing how the incinerator would look!
  2. Forward the www.SaveNewBarnfield.com to your local family and friends to encourage them to do the same – AND share the link with your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, Google+, LinkedIn, Email signature – just spread the word!    You’ll find a Facebook ‘Like Us’ button on the website, so please click this too.
  3. Finally (and importantly) please submit your views to the planning consultation by emailing newbarnfieldplanning@hertscc.gov.uk or by filling in the form here. The more people who object to the application, the greater pressure we put on Hertfordshire County Council to reject it. There are some pointers here: www.SaveNewBarnfield.com/campaign.html to help. Or if you prefer to write, submissions should be addressed to: New Barnfield Planning Team, Spatial and Land Use Planning, CHN216. County Hall, Pegs Lane, Hertford, Hertfordshire,SG13 8DN

"Many thanks for your help. Around half of all incinerator applications do not make it through. This is an uphill battle, but we don't want to fail through lack of anyone speaking up.

"I hope you have a good 2012 and if there's anything I can do during the year, then please don't hesitate to get in touch. I'm always on this email: grant@shapps.com"

"Best Wishes, Grant"

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