Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Stopping the Hatfield Incinerator

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"Hatfield against Incineration (HAI) and Herts WithOutWaste (Herts WOW) are not just campaigning against incineration; we are campaigning for a cleaner and better management of waste for Hertfordshire, both in the short term and for future generations.

"We understand this is not an easy option, and will involve each and every one of us taking responsibility and making a commitment to help the County Council core aim of 'Reduce, Reuse and Recycle'. However, we do not agree that one massive incinerator plant in any one place in Hertfordshire, with a committed contract of 30 years, is consistent with this aim. It may be an easy option, but it is not the right one, if we take into consideration:
  • Incineration creates CO2, which contributes to global warming
  • Incineration emits small particles which are dangerous to health
  • Incineration needs a large plant and a long term contract in order to make the investment viable and a constant provision of the volume of waste it was originally build for
  • Incineration cannot be scaled down as recycling increases and so reduces the incentive for high recycling rates
  • No one area should have to suffer the visual impact of such a plant, traffic volume and noise and the pollution emissions for the whole of Hertfordshire
  • It is undemocratic.

What we favour is:

"An enthusiastic, innovative and revolutionary recycling program with high recycling levels (above 70%) as already achieved elsewhere, and pressure to reduce waste, for instance:
  • eliminating unnecessary packaging
  • not developing products which are not recyclable
  • strict commercial guidelines etc., and
  • severe penalties for non-conformity."

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