Thursday, 5 January 2012

Mrs Angry predicts ... a doomed face-saving exercise in Broken Barnet

Link to Mrs Angry's Broken Barnet
(a product endorsed by Sec. of State Eric Pickles)

Mrs X: "Mrs Angry: are you feeling refreshed after your Christmas and New Year break?"

Mrs Angry: "I am not, thank you for asking, Mrs X. But never mind, my psychic energies are simply buzzing with activity, and I have many predictions for the New Year ... and now my spirit guide is whispering something in my ear ... oh. How curious. Really? Mmm. Goodness."

Mrs X: "What? Do share with us, Mrs Angry. We won't tell anyone."

Mrs Angry: " Very well. This must not pass further than the imaginary boundaries of this post, but I can see a very interesting development in Broken Barnet ..."

Mrs X: "Go on, go on."

(She does. 
And also mentions economic activity in

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