Saturday, 21 January 2012

"An Introduction to Waste Technologies"

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"We have been involved in all aspects of the introduction of Mechanical Biological Treatment to the United Kingdom since the inception of the concept, over the years since the Landfill Directive came into force in July 2001. We share our knowledge in the processes capable of treating municipal waste'.

"We hope that we will make you aware of many of the technologies, ... and you will contact us if you have a problem we can possibly solve."

"Keep up to date with the latest 2012 version of:

'An Introduction to Waste Technologies'

by Steve Last

"This ebook includes concise information on each of the most popular waste technologies, plus easy to understand 'material flow charts' for each type of waste facility.
This practical guide to what the technologies used in each type of waste facility do, and how they do it, includes the pros and cons of each technology, and is ideal for anyone who needs a quick introduction to this rapidly expanding sector of the economy."

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