Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Mrs Angry: Boris and Brian Coleman

Link above to Mrs Angry's 'Broken Barnet'
(for meeting report, then a Brent Cross post)

" 'Heightened alert', said all the security signs.

"True, there was a sense of barely repressed hysteria, in some quarters, at the 'Talk London' event last night. It was kind of a Broken Barnet political Glastonbury, with Boris mainlining, and Brian Coleman playing the part of a rather troubled Michael Eavis, worried about crowd control, and all the acts finishing on time.

"We trooped through the gates of Hendon police centre, and then through three sets of security checks, all of whom scrutinised your ticket and verified your identity with great interest, as if you were about to board a flight to New York with a box of fireworks and a big stash of weed in your hand luggage. Mrs Angry made it through, despite the fact that her ticket, thanks to the cheeky blogger who ordered them, bore the unlikely name of 'Mrs Morris Mustard'. Wishful thinking, Mr Mustard? Join the queue, mate."

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