Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Waste: 'A Managed Resource By 2020'

Link to 'The Wasters Blog'

"...Numbers for EU resource usage and waste produced are huge, as given by the EU Commission:
  • Disposal of 2.7bn tonnes of waste annually 
  • ... 98m tonnes of which is hazardous. 
  • Only 40 percent of the EU’s solid waste is re-used or recycled.
"There will within the next few years be another new layer of regulations to ensure that:
  1. Higher priority is given to re-use and recycling.
  2. All product design integrating a life-cycle approach, is implemented 
  3. Yet bigger incentives for waste prevention and recycling, and 
  4. More public investment takes place in modern facilities for waste treatment and recycling.

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