Monday, 16 January 2012

Mr Mustard: "Here's thousands of pounds - find us a new site"

Link to Barnet's 'Mr Mustard'

"12 January 2012: Appointment of an external commercial property agent to find properties suitable as Barnet depot relocation sites." [It is unclear if moving some parts of the depot to Pinkham Way is still 'assumed' 100%.]

"19 January 2009: It has been agreed by this committee that a new depot should be built on part of the former Friern Barnet sewage works site. The area of the site identified for the new depot will not be available for the commencement of building works until 2011 – this is because of the need to secure planning permission for the redevelopment of the whole of the former sewage works site from Haringey Council, and for the purchaser/developer of the remainder of the land to carry out works to eradicate Japanese knotweed, decontamination, site reprofiling and to provide road and services connections to the depot site. Thus, it is doubtful whether the new depot will be available until 2013 – approximately three years after the vacation of the existing depot is likely to be required."

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