Saturday, 25 June 2011

Daily Mail: "Move over Buckingham Palace! Furious locals, massive underground extension, and a mystery owner"

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" 'Witanhurst' - do you know it? The residents of London's Highgate certainly do, for this mammoth property has caused an ongoing row, as planners have repeatedly rejected lavish plans for its development.

"Now that the planning issues having been resolved, it is being turned into a modern-day Xanadu, the palatial mansion immortalised in the film 'Citizen Kane'. The glittering 65-room palace will include 25 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, and an imperial, walnut-panelled Grand Ballroom.

"Some councillors at Camden called the subterranean scheme 'immoral', because of the amount of environmental disruption it will cause. One committee member, Michael Hammerson, said:
"We don’t want limos with smoked windows, and men in dark glasses with bulging breast pockets, and the place surrounded by CCTV. That’s not Highgate."

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