Wednesday, 13 July 2011

'Barnet Eye' web site gloating at Barnet's about-turn on recording meetings

"[Last night] Barnet Council made a momentous decision, and agreed to allow the public to film videos.

"Here is the first video of Barnet Council to be shown publicly - shot when certain Barnet Councillors thought they had the right to stop the public filming. They hadn't, as it had never been banned, and in this country, if it ain't illegal you can do it. This has so far received 408 views, and featured the rather amusing sound of Councillor Hugh Rayner shouting at me to stop videoing.

"Councillor Rayner was rather perplexed, when I pointed out that he couldn't actually legally stop me filming. This was filmed by me on the 28th February. How times have moved on, in the intervening few months..."

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