Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Guardian: "Plastic bag use on the rise after years of decline"

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British consumers are packing away their green credentials, along with their weekly shop, as last year an increasing number of us bundled our purchases into single-use plastic carrier bags, instead of seeking out environmentally friendly alternatives.

In Wales, the imminent charge may have helped to cut bag use – the total was down by 7% last year, compared with the rise in England and Scotland. John Griffiths, Welsh environment minister, said a charge was the best way to drive down carrier use, as voluntary agreements with retailers would not achieve enough. He said: 
"These figures show a real difference between carrier bag use in Wales, and that in other parts of the UK, where no mandatory charge is planned. This proves that the carrier bag charge, which is due to be introduced in Wales on 1 October, is the only way to ensure a real and lasting reduction in the use of carrier bags."

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