Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Mr Mustard's Barnet Council: "Rotten Boroughs - Rotten Insight"

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"As avid readers will know, the London Borough of Barnet managed to get themselves into 'Private Eye' two weeks ago, because of their long-term chronic failure in procuring unlicensed, in just about every way (start with 'SIA' and 'CRB', and just keep going), bully boy security guards, from a phoenix of MetPro companies.

"You will recall that there was not a Contract, only an arrangement, and that over £1.3million was paid out for non-services received over 5 years.

"Procurement at Barnet Council is so good that they managed to pay about £17 p.h. to MetPro, and other 100% legal providers get just £9 odd p.h. The words back and hand have, er, jumped into Mr Mustard's mind, for some obscure and unrelated reason."

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