Monday, 18 July 2011

Pinkham Way Alliance submits objections to the North London Waste Plan (Light blue touchpaper, and retire immediately)

Link to PWA document

"... (Para 77) The upshot of the flawed site selection process is that, whereas 10 potential sites were proposed at the Issues and Options stage, now only 2 new sites [Pinkham Wood and Geron Way, Brent Cross] are allocated. As explained [previously] the Pinkham Way Alliance denies that there is a 'capacity gap' requiring new site allocations at all. ...

(78) ... The Pinkham Way Alliance is concerned that the NLWP gives a strong impression that Boroughs are devolving the decision on which sites should be allocated for which waste purposes (if any) to the North London Waste Authority. ...

(79) The NLWA is not a local planning authority. While it clearly has an interest in site allocation decisions, and while it may, through the provision of evidence, be able to assist the seven boroughs in deciding on site allocations, site allocation decisions remain axiomatically a decision for the Boroughs to take, in accordance with [national guidance] PPS10, PPS12 and in general conformity with the London Plan.

(80) For all the reasons above, the NLWP and in particular its allocation of the Pinkham Way Site, [is] fundamentally unsound and breach[es] the Strategic Environmental Assessment Regulations. The Pinkham Way site allocation should be removed from the NLWP altogether in any event. ..."

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