Sunday, 10 July 2011

Current North London Waste Authority timetable

Announcement of shortlist of bidders
7- 8 April 2011

Issue ISDS and ISDS dialogue meetings
("No, it doesn't say")
15 June – 12 October 2011

Evaluation of ISDS submissions; shortlist of bidders identified for ISRS
("But we bet the bidders know what 'ISDS' and 'ISRS' mean")
12 October – December 2011

Announcement of ISDS shortlist of bidders
December 2011

ISRS dialogue
("Hope you are following this")
December 2011 – June 2012

Close of ISRS Dialogue and issue of call for Final Tenders
("We'll stop at this point - what happened about the Pinkham Wood planning application, and the North London Waste Plan, by the way?)
June 2012

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