Friday, 22 July 2011

[Reposted] Haringey Journal: "Victory as Muswell Hill rubbish plant delayed by nine months"

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"A massive public outcry has secured a stay of execution on plans to build one of Europe’s largest industrial waste plants in Muswell Hill.

"Police and crowds of angry protestors chanting ‘No way Pinkham Way’ stood outside Haringey Civic Centre on Monday (July 18) as Haringey Council announced a planning application for a massive waste processing plant in Pinkham Way will be put on ice for nine months.

"Labour Cllr Alan Strickland, cabinet member for economic development and social inclusion, said:
“This is a victory for common sense, and for the hard work of this council in seeking to ensure, when we move forward, that we have a clear and transparent process.”

Peck above, for
Haringey's statement

We say: It is still not clear what exactly has happened (and we have tried to find out!) Has the planning application been withdrawn, to be resubmitted 'with more details' next year? (And does that mean a full planning application?)

So then, are we in a period when the North London Waste Authority and Barnet Council can seek pre-application comments again, to be included in their resubmitted 'Statement of Community Involvement' (part of large planning applications)?

That would mean Haringey would not be involved in any consultations (or have any of the costs) because there is no planning application to consult on. An extra factor though: Barnet Council never does very much consultation on planning matters within its borders, so is hardly likely to throw resources at consultations in two other boroughs!

Or is the planning application still 'submitted'?

In that case, Haringey cannot release it for public consultation until it is considered sound, and we already know that new material will not be submitted until next year, so publication seems impossible. As a duly-authorised 'Local Planning Authority', Haringey could not lawfully organise and document consultation, under the Planning Acts, on what is a moving target.

Does anyone know what's going on?

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  1. The nine months will bring matters to an interesting point, the run up to next year's GLA elections, won't it?

    Are you showing off a bit with your interactive pecking picture, btw?