Tuesday, 26 July 2011

'Pinkham Way Alliance' Facebook Group: "Standardising recycling policy"

Alistair McKechnie on Facebook:

"I was encouraged to hear from the Green Party and Friends of the Earth the other night, that doubling recycling in North London could, in theory, make the Pinkham Way site unnecessary.

"Problem with that, of course, is that each borough has a completely different recycling policy… so standardising things would seem like a good place to start.

"So, because I couldn’t find one anywhere else, I’ve cobbled together a comparative recycling chart based on information on the NLWA website and specific North London borough websites. I figure the chart can be used to help articulate the problem, and help us prod our councillors along (there’s nothing like competition to get people motivated).

"Interestingly, Barnet, for all our sins, is the No.1 recycler of domestic waste (although it doesn’t yet collect recycling from businesses – a big opportunity already). [And Barnet and Haringey failed to claim Boris's money for recycling from flats.]

"And the biggest source of refuse that nobody yet recycles is polystyrene – yet it’s quite possible to recycle (or re-use) a high proportion of it. So that would seem to be another major opportunity.

"I suspect my chart still has a few errors and may be out of date in some instances – so please help by downloading it on Facebook [but you can also click on image below for an image of it on 26 July].

"See if it gels with your local reality, then please comment back on Facebook, so I can finesse the thing. Thanks a lot!"

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