Friday, 22 July 2011

[Reposted] Sunday 24 July: Pinkham Way Alliance fundraising

(This wording is courtesy of 'Bowes and Bounds')

Fundraising concert in support of the Pinkham Way Alliance: Sunday 24th July at 4pm in St Andrew's Church, 34 Alexandra Park Road, N10 2DD

"The Balanescu Quartet are an internationally renowned group - two of the four live round the corner on Woodfield Way (they're married, and their children go to the local schools). They're not a 'tradtional' string quartet; their breakthrough album, for example, was of arrangements of music by Kraftwerk.

"All proceeds go to the Pinkham Way Alliance. Tickets are £10 (this is considerably cheaper than you might otherwise pay to see them). I think there's room for about 300 in the church, so it's great that they're doing this for us, and really important that we sell all the tickets.

"Please go if you can (tickets available in advance), and also, please make an effort to forward on the link (below) with details of the concert and how to buy tickets, or publicise it anywhere you can (doesn't have to be local - it's a very good price to see them, and in an intimate venue)."

There are £5 tickets for children. Refreshments will be served afterwards.
(the postcode in our headline above seems more accurate though)

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