Friday, 8 July 2011

Labour reply to Tory response to Labour amendment to Tory motion

"On behalf of all Enfield Council members with whom I have spoken, I apologise to your web site readers. This is over the postings of Conservative Councillor Daniel Pearce, whose apparent personal dislike for me has got in the way of making even remotely rational statements. These concern the work that we, the Bowes Labour councillors, are doing to prevent waste plants coming either to Pinkham Way or to East Enfield.

"Even as Daniel wrote today, that we wouldn't be opposing the plant, I was at the NLWP centre in Camden doing just that, as witnessed by the attached photo (right). Moreover, Daniel knew the truth of the matter, given the previous posting on this web site, of our official oppositional stance.

"Why he raved on as he did, that we weren't being true to our word, heaven only knows. As for the allegation that the Pinkham Way Alliance is cross with us, should I send you their email, expressing thanks for the work we are doing? [Yes.]

"I don't think that your web site readers need to waste any more time with Cllr Pearce's ravings, and my repeated reminder of the reality. Can we put an end to this, once and for all?

"There's a lot of real work to do and this dumbness wastes a lot of time."

Councillor Alan Sitkin, Bowes Ward

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