Thursday, 7 July 2011

Barnet Times (2), Barnet Press, and Haringey Journal

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  1. The theory goes, I read on the Barnet Council website, that black box items are sorted into one side of the lorry and blue box items into the other side, thus exposing the operatives to the danger of standing in moving traffic. The practice is that it all goes in one side.

    The same box 1 into box 2 practice is followed in my road. My boxes are placed within range of my CCTV so I can watch one box get tipped into the other without leaving my desk. Evidently no-one told May Gurney why there are 2 boxes.

    Even Barnet Council wouldn't be so stupid as to try and discipline a resident who put something in the wrong box.

    Read my blog for the super profits that May Gurney make out of this contract.