Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Mrs Angry is, well, ANGRY - with "The Regulators" in Broken Barnet

Link to 'Broken Barnet'

"It seems that once again, the best efforts of the leadership and senior management of the London Borough of Broken Barnet to silence the voice of the local bloggers has gone horribly, comically awry.

"This really is an unbelievable story: or at least it would be to anyone with no knowledge of the resolutely undemocratic culture that pervades the administration of Barnet Council."

Then she starts name-dropping a lot, and also makes legitimate sarcastic comments about women bloggers ("It is true that our little fluffy heads cannot sustain an interest in the blokey world of politics, or blogging, and anyway it is time to put my apron on and scrub the kitchen floor, so do excuse me.")

Monday 21, Wednesday 23, Thursday 24 November:
By the way, try raising Pinkham Way at a Barnet Residents Forum. They will not let you (this is Barnet, after all) but you could ask about what changes would be needed at a particular road junction to accomodate the extra traffic.) 

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  1. You cheeky monkey: Mrs Angry never resorts to the use of sarcasm, nor expresses a view that is even the slightest bit ill tempered.Everything in Broken Barnet is lovely. But then, what do I know ... just a silly woman, me.