Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Meanwhile, the Sauf London Incinerators ...

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"An official announcement a major waste management facility containing an incinerator is proposed for Beddington is expected to occur within weeks.

"Viridor is being presented by the South London Waste Partnership (SLWP), as its preferred bidder for a controversial new waste management plant for Croydon, Merton, Kingston and Sutton. It wants to build its facility in Beddington Lane.

"Sources have said its plans involve an energy recovery facility, which campaigners believe will be an incinerator where waste is burned to produce electricity, The facility could produce enough energy to power thousands of homes, processing more than 200,000 tonnes of waste a year from the four boroughs."

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Link to later Beddington Lane post.

Plus the 'Croydon Guardian', about another site: 

"An environmentalist claims a new energy generation facility would turn Belvedere into a 'dumping ground' "

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"Cyclamax is proposing to build the facility at Burts Wharf Resource Park, off Crabtree Manorway North, creating more than 40 jobs. It would recycle commercial and industrial waste, which would produce low carbon renewable energy using gasification technology.

"Belvedere ward councillor, Sean Newman, said:
"What people's problem will be is if the refuse comes through the road network, and if there are emissions and smells.

The residents of Belvedere have had a history of bad smells and emissions, we don't want to add to that problem."

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