Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Haringey Independent: "Call for dangerous junctions to be named after nearly 100 cyclists injured in 2010"

"A POLITICIAN has asked cyclists to name the borough's accident hotspots, after figures showed nearly 100 were injured on roads last year.

"Joanne McCartney, London Assembly Member for Enfield and Haringey, said she wanted to know where road users thought the most dangerous junctions and roundabouts were."

Link to Haringey Council
Haringey Council: "Studies in London have revealed that, over short distances at least, the pedal cycle in all its forms is capable of being the fastest, most inexpensive, reliable and beneficial form of wheeled transport.

"The pedal cycle is particularly suitable for local trips, a third of which are under a mile long and 85 percent of which are less than five miles in length. Cycling, together with other measures such as travel plans, traffic restraint, and initiatives to encourage more walking are crucial to reducing congestion, improving the environment, and promoting social inclusion and better health.

"Haringey has a network of cycle routes across the borough including cycle lanes on main roads, separated cycle lanes, and special fully signed, quiet routes."

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