Wednesday, 2 November 2011

"And now over to our studios at Alexandra Palace..."

In pictures: BBC's 75th anniversary broadcast 

Lookers-in should use their 'pointing devices' to
allow access to a series of photographs

The BBC and Alexandra Palace in north London are to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the very first broadcast of the corporation's continuous television service on 2 November, 1936, with a free exhibition this weekend.

(For viewers in colour, the photographs are in black-and-white.)

Cameras will roll from 11am – 4.30pm on both 5 and 6 November. Entry is free, but anyone wishing to take a tour of the BBC studios needs to call 0208 365 4321 to secure a timed ticket. 

Matt Cooke, Chair of Alexandra Park & Palace Trust, said:
The BBC’s place in the history of Alexandra Palace was sealed when the first public service broadcast in the world was made from the building in 1936.  Not only did the event pave the way for a new kind of social entertainment, but it also prompted technological advances in the way we communicate with each other which still impact on us today.

The Trustees are delighted to be co-hosting a weekend of interactive and futuristic activities with the BBC to mark 75 years since this important milestone in UK and world history.
Head of BBC History, Robert Seatter, added:
On this momentous 75th anniversary, we are delighted to be working with Alexandra Palace to open up these unique studios where television really began. We hope that this exciting open weekend will help visitors to celebrate television in all its diversity – old and new, technical and aesthetic, serious and fun.
Lookers-in can get more details on this public viewing mechanism.

And Now, In Colour: 

"Behind the scenes at the cradle of TV"

"It is 75 years since the first regular TV service began broadcasting from the BBC studios at Alexandra Palace in North London.

"Television historian John Trenouth took Nick Higham behind the scenes at "Ally Pally", to explore some of the stories from the early days of TV."

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